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Established in 1986, the company specializes in the remanufacture, service and repair of AC and DC traction motors for rail vehicles. Our technicians and engineers are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of traction motor technology. Production facilities include three factory units totalling 24000 M² based in the IDA Business Park, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Each unit specializing in different aspects of traction motor production and all using the latest cutting edge machinery. We provide excellent service and support in all our markets. We currently service the U.K., Germany, China, Norway, Sweden, Poland and South Africa

The company operates a 24 hour emergency service on request.


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  Mission Statement

 Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited will provide its customers with the best quality product, technical support and after-sales service. 

A dynamic approach to dealing with customers’ evolving needs and requirements supported by a comprehensive Quality Assurance system, delivers optimum results.

The Company has developed authority and responsibility within its workforce for maintaining customer satisfaction. Continuous improvement to our systems through the development of highly effective customer relationships is the key to our success. To view a full list of our services, click here.



  Quality Assurance

It is the aim of Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited to provide its clients with a quality service. To meet customer needs and expectations, a Quality Assurance system, in line with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard, has been implemented through the use of a management-led control system. A dynamic approach has been developed in order to meet our client's ever-changing needs and requirements.

The directors of Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited have the responsibility of ensuring that all staff of the company complies with their instructions regarding Quality Assurance. The documented Quality Assurance system is maintained through the management functions and it is mandatory for all staff to adhere to the agreed procedures and to support the drive for excellence.

The Company employs a management structure which develops authority and responsibility for Quality Assurance, workplace safety and customer satisfaction. There is a dedicated management representative who has responsibility to establish and maintain the documented Quality Assurance and Safety systems and is charged with ensuring its continual improvement.

The management system has established procedures for regular quality audits, which review and report on quality and safety arrangements and recommend action to be taken to prevent recurrence of a problem, identifying, where appropriate, any additional resource requirements. A nominated management representative monitors and measures performance against stated objectives and is responsible for ensuring the Company policy is communicated to, and understood by, all staff.

To offer our clients the most efficient service, regular reviews of existing standards are undertaken to ensure that the service provided reflects the current expectations of the market.

This policy is reviewed as part of formal management review action.

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Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited is part of the UK rail industry Link-up Scheme, We have success fully passed numerous rail company audits including those of Angel Trains Limited, Freightliner, GBRf, Unipart Rail (UK) Limited & Direct Rail Services Limited. For a full list of our accreditations, click here.

We fully meet all the requirements for the repair and overhaul of safety critical items covered by the UK Railway Group Standards.





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Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited maintains a very high level of professionalism and perfection.

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After Sales Service

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited offers an After Sales service to our customers.

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