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Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited has the highest quality machinery available on the market today. Every service and machine is in-house. This means that we can ensure everything is built perfectly "from the ground-up".

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited uses 4 main types of machines. Automatic Machinery (or Computer Numerical Controlled Machines), Quality Control Equipment, Testing Machinery, and Manual Machinery.



  Automatic Machinery

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited uses many Automatic Machines to eliminate the possibility of human error. It allows the more technical jobs to be done quicker, and more accurately. This is because the degree of error is so small in these machines, that it would never effect the motor. We use many Computer Numerical Machinery, including:

♦ Doosan PUMA 400XLM CNC Lathe

♦ Doosan PUMA 2600LM CNC Lathe

♦ The MEBA Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

♦ Tacchella ELEKTRA CNC Cylindrical Grinding

♦ Zünd M-1200 CV CNC Routing

♦ 2 CAM Automatic Undercutter and Burnishing Machine

♦ VMC1000II Vertical CNC Mill



  Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited has 3 seperate VPI systems for both DC and AC machines using the highest quality resins including Wacker silres H62C.



  Quality Control

Quality Control has always been important in Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited - Now more then ever. Our state of the art Quality Control department demonstrates this.

♦ Hexagon CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

♦ Optical Comparitor

♦ Hardness Tester



  Balancing and Vibration Equipment

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited are using the leading manufactures in balancing and analysis such as Schenk, TIRA, and FAG.

♦ CNC Armature Balancing Machine (3 ton)

♦ CNC Armature Balancing Machine (2 ton)

♦ CNC Armature Balancing Machine (500kg)

♦ FAG Vibration Analyser



  Testing Equipment

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited has always provided quality assurance for its customers. This is due to our stringent in-house testing procedures. This is done with our top of the range testing machinery, including:

♦ 2 Phenix Core Testing Machine

♦ 2 Baker TATS

♦ 6 Baker Portable Testing Equipment

♦ Motor Test Station - Variable AC/DC Voltage 0-400 Amp

♦ 3 Commtest Instruments - Commutator profilers



  Manual/Semi-Automatic Machinery

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited uses several Manual Machines to allow for flexability in the design, repair, or development of a Traction Motor. This is done with our Manual Machinery, including:

♦ 500 Ton Verticle Hydraulic Press

♦ Tos SUI 80 Manual Lathes

♦ Trens SN 710 S Manual Lathe

♦ 2 ARIL Stoving Ovens

♦ 3 ACE stoving Ovens

♦ Martherm Electric Stoving Oven

♦ 2 ACE Burn-off Ovens

♦ Proceco Typhoon Automatic Washing Machine

♦ Rotary Parts Steam Washer

♦ Pressure Washer

♦ 2 Gyson Glass Media Blast Cabinets

♦ Roscomat 400 Drilling & Tapping Machines


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