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Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited retains a close involvement with products and services it supplies long after the initial delivery to the customer.

After Sales Service

Associated Rewinds (Ireland) Limited has its own team of service engineers based in Ireland and the United Kingdom who attend depots to assist in investigations and trials. A particularly useful service is the provision of on-site commutator profiling and grinding. An operator's fleet is condition assessed and data based to establish the optimum in-service regime. Long term contracts with operators like First ScotRail in Glasgow on their Classes 318/320/321/322 have demonstrated the cost effectiveness of this service.

As part of the continuing improvement sought by the Company trials are arranged and monitored by the Service Support Team to validate modifications and enhancements. Recent examples are fitment of larger drive end bearings to Royal Mail's Class 325 motors to eliminate a serious problem with seized bearings. Other innovations requiring extensive in-service involvement by the engineers include trials of air intake filters to prevent ingress of water and snow while maintaining adequate airflows. Many such trials are supported by involvement of accredited third party organisations.

Members of the Team regularly attend customer depots in the UK, Germany and Norway to assess ongoing performance of modifications and enhancements to their motors.

The company operates a 24 hour emergency service on request.


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